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 War of the 7 Clans

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PostSubject: War of the 7 Clans   Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:15 pm

In early Japan there were 7 clans, each represented by a flower. The Risu Clan headed by Risu Egakai was symbolized by the Sunflower. The Delicate Shuei Clan was led by Shuei Inano with the Lily as their symbol. The Tsu Clan used the Plum Blossom as their symbol with their Leader Tsu Re they were a powerful opponent. The Irisu Clan was led by Irisu Koyuu with the Iris as their Flower. The Yuko Clan was a high Dominating power with Yuko Shigure as their leader and the Cherry Blossom as their Flower their power was one second to the Kuo Clan. The Aisai Clan used the Rose as their Flower Headed by Aisai Uruki they were one of the more peaceful clans. The last and most powerful Clan was none other than the Kuo Clan which ruled the Country Emperor Kuo Ikkai was the leader of his Clan and Country. The Kuo Clan's flower was the Chrysanthemum

On the surface everything looked peaceful yet like any country there was corruption. For Emperor Ikkai had gotten Lax on his policies. When the Eldest son was deemed certain for the throne after Ikkai passed away. Ikkai's second wife became Jealous. Determined to put her own son on the throne she devised a plan. She poisoned Ikkai, throwing the country into innermost turmoil. Many Clan official’s inside the Imperial Court began to plot to make sure the son they most favored for Emperor to be put on the throne. Some supporting the Eldest Son, others the Second son, and still more others the youngest son. Yet before the mourning was over for Ikkai’s passing, the Eldest son was found murdered by an Assassin. Now with the Second son, Terian on the throne, four of the Clans decided to take action. The Shuei and Tsu Clan’s Concerned for the emperor’s safety sent out their finest Samurai for Terian to use as he pleased. Yet the Irisu and Yuko Clan’s Unsatisfied with the new Emperor sent out Assassins and Mercenaries to eliminate the new Emperor once and for all.





Position/status/Role: Samurai, Assasin, offical, ect.




Where and How you wear your Symbolic flower (if you are a part of a certain Clan ex: Irisu clan, Iris flower on the sword hilt):

Weapons: Appropriate weapons for the time period, and according to your character's position and status as well as gender.


Starting Location: 1 week after Terian is placed on the throne
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PostSubject: Re: War of the 7 Clans   Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:39 am

Name: Itagaki Nobukata

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Position: Samurai

Clan: Shuei

Personality: Aware of even the cries of distant winds. Devout in the understanding of Zen, Bushidō, and Shinto Itagaki kills though greater understanding. Short with words Itagaki speaks to only women and the Shuei Elete. Always seeking Kensho-Satori Itagaki exceeds death and gained non-existance. The extent of Itagaki's skill surpasses legendary throughout the land.

Appearance: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif

The Lily crest is tattooed on the back of Nobukata's neck.

Weapons: Katana [刀] , Yumi [弓]

History: Born into the Itagaki bloodline a path of bloodshed was imminent. From birth Shuei Inano decided to train Itagaki Nobukata with intensions of creating a loyal a killing machine, and a personal means of protection. A prodigy since childhood Nobukata excelled in the Shuei discipline. Fueled by his honor and killer instinct he refined his technique to a legendary stature. Itagaki now is a personal bodyguard to Shuei Inano, when not assigned to covert assignments from the heads of Shuei.

Starting Location: Beside Shuei Inano still within the 36 Chambers of death Wink
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PostSubject: Re: War of the 7 Clans   Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:14 pm

Name: Kanei Yuko

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Position/status/Role: Assassin

Clan: Yuko Clan

Personality: Hyper and cheerful, but very violent when angered. Hot Tempered and Lazy. Un-trusting, and always paying attention to enviroment around her.

Appearance: Tall, short black hair, athletic but not muscular, scar running down left arm, good looking but doesn’t wear revealing clothes. Typical dress: black pants, black laced boots, black shirt and long trench style black coat.

Symbolic flower: tattooed on ankle, hidden by boots

Weapons: Needles; deals in poisons; Long, light, thin, iron sword; daggers; Iron fashioned claws, retractable, but hard to carry, easy to conceal

History: Born into the Yuko Clan. Became an assassin at a young age by force of her friend, who later died in battle, after that she swore to always fight as an assassin. She doesn’t like the normality of some assassins, so she takes matters and killing style into her own hands, has had problems with people trying to change her style. Family has been captured by an unknown clan. Is extremely un-trustful of anyone outside of her clan do to the fact that she has no idea if any of the other clans have her family.

Starting Location: In a hiding place in an unknown area, has contact with head clan leader and waiting for command, if that takes too long, will move on to a different location, and contact about movement
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PostSubject: Re: War of the 7 Clans   Sat Jun 14, 2008 8:09 pm

Name: Risu Hirokaze

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Clan: Risu

Position: Elite Assassin

Personality: Humble and personable Doesn't think of himself as anything special. Even tempered unless his friends are threatened or he sees the weak being bullied. Usually a fairly vibrant and cheerful person but immediately calms when angered.

Appearance: 5'11" Black hair, Medium build, dressed in a black vest, black baggy pants, with black shoes.

Symbolic flower: Etched in gold string onto a black glove worn on the right hand.

Weapons: Twin black swords worn on the back whose sheaths cross. throwing knives and a retractable knife strapped to the forearm.

History: Born the third son of five in the head family. Their parents always had the highest expectation of the first son, Kuromu. Expectations that Hirokaze would always surpass but would always be overlooked. Kuromu was very prideful and refused to be second to his younger brother and would often challenge Hirokaze to duels and would lose every time. So, naturally, they never got along very well. Hirokaze is regarded as a failure by his parents, so he disconnected himself, psychologically, from them. He's second in ability only to Yuu Kurama, his best friend.

Starting Location: Bedroom.

Normalcy is the acceptance that one falls into the box that everyone else is supposed to.
The acceptance of one's normalcy is the rejection of one's individuality

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PostSubject: Re: War of the 7 Clans   Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:52 pm

Name: hiro hasakawa

Age: 17

Gender: male

Position: samurai's Apprentice

Clan: Aisai Clan

Personality: friendly and gets along well with the people of his clan, normaly easy going but will get serious and take on any challenge if any of his friens are in danger, smart even though he may not show it.

Appearance: around 6'2" black hair brown eyes slightly muscular from training with his master every day, dresses in traditonal kindo robe his master requires him to wear

Symbolic flower: wears a rose necklace around his neck that was left behind from his mother.

Weapons: a samurais sword, is also fairly skilled at knife throwing from haveing to hunt for his own food when younger

History: lost his parents at a younge age and for a while was all alone for a while, later on he was taken in and raised by his curent master who taught him the way of the sword. His master is one of Aisai Uruki 's lead samurai and so they live in the manor. when hiro is not training he is more of a chore boy so as to make his keep an be able to stay in the manor. hiro dosent like doing the odds and ends jobs otheres dont want to do but figures its better then liveing on the streets.

Starting location: makeing guard rounds around the perimeter of the manor.
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PostSubject: Re: War of the 7 Clans   Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:03 pm

THis thread has been Moved to OM thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: War of the 7 Clans   

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War of the 7 Clans
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